Pipe Repair

Let’s say you own a home or business and realize, whether by receiving an astronomically high water bill or noticing an ever-growing pond in your basement, you have a leak somewhere in the piping system. There’s a good deal of water leaking out and you need to do something right away. You call a plumber who comes out and tells you that you need to replace your pipes. The estimate is about $10,000 and like most people you don’t have that kind of cash just lying around.

If you want a pipe repair solution that lasts, call a NuFlow installer. NuFlow has an environmentally friendly epoxy liner that is cured-in-place and costs much less than all new pipes. Repair, even when actual pieces of pipe are missing, is not a problem.

Unlike other plumbing companies, NuFlow does not have to access your pipes by tearing up your lawn, landscaping, walls, or floors. We simply go through one access point, clean and dry the pipe interiors, and then pull the liner in place. Once it has cured, your pipes are free of corrosion, clogs, and tree roots cannot force their way through the pipes.

This type of pipe repair is equally efficient for home or business. As a matter of fact, it works for many building types:

  • Government

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Residential

  • Multi-family

  • Healthcare

Most jobs require only one or two days to complete. Business workers, clients, and/or family members will not have to alter their daily routines. NuFlow pipe repair is darn near painless and it’s highly affordable.

Once pipes are repaired you will notice several benefits:

  • Improved flow rate

  • Structurally sound pipes

  • No groundwater contamination

  • No tree root invasion

  • We provide simple, durable and cost effective trenchless pipe repair solutions. Don’t let a little leak turn into a huge emergency. Contact NuFlow today.