Universities & Schools

Universities and school building rehabilitations include the lining of water, drain and mechanical piping systems. NuFlow manufactures and installs complete inside infrastructure solutions for any commercial facility or structure including office buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, schools, restaurants, museums, hospitals and more. NuFlow understands the importance of keeping your business open and not disrupting tenants. NuFlow offers pipe repair solutions that minimize tenant displacement, demolition and renovation as well as the amount of time required to complete a rehabilitation project.

From potable water and vertical applications to fire suppression and HVAC systems, NuFlow has the right solution for your project. Browse our selection of rehabilitation services to learn more about the systems and versatile products NuFlow has to offer.

We provide simple, durable and cost effective trenchless pipe repair, lead pipe replacement, pipe lining & relining, internal pipe coating & more.

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Pipe Repair Solutions for Universities & Schools