HOA / Condo Associations

HOA boards are in a unique position when faced with issues they may have inherited from decisions made by previous boards or property managers. They are also responsible for making long-term decisions for the infrastructure of homes and condos the board governs and the community’s financial resources to solve the issues.

A board can be derived of people from all walks of life, each having varying views on how to tackle issues as they arise. Once they have come to a consensus there is a problem and it needs to be addressed, the process that follows can sometime seem daunting. NuFlow understands the HOA process for approval for large capital projects and has worked closely with many boards and property managers, even communicating with and educating homeowners on the pros and cons of epoxy vs repipe or traditional methods of replacing pipes.

The NuFlow difference you will experience with our team is that once a project begins, so does the close communication between our local field team and the property managers, board and even individual homeowners. With NuFlow’s regional structure in each market, you will have a local Account Manager, Regional Operations Manager and Project Manager all working with the board and property manager on a day in day out basis.

NuFlow has an extensive resume in the HOA and Condo Association market and our Account Managers understand how to navigate the process of going through board approvals and the homeowner voting process that can sometimes hold up projects.

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Pipe Repair Solutions for HOA/Condo Associations