Historical Buildings

A commercial building by definition is a building that is used for commercial use including office buildings, warehouses, or retail (i.e. convenience stores, ‘big box’ stores, shopping malls, etc.)

What are potential issues with commercial building’s piping systems?

Aging pipes around the world can have a variety of issues from pinhole leaks, corrosion and clogged drainage systems to broken, cracked or loss of structure on waste piping systems. These are just a few potential piping issues building owners or managers are faced with daily.

Since these issues are inevitable, building owners/managers have to find the most cost effective and efficient fix with the least disruption to the building’s tenants and customers.

With technologies in both pressurized and non-pressurized pipe lining, NuFlow can repair the pipes from the inside by using existing access points to preserve the integrity of these historical buildings and structures.

When compared to other lining technologies in the CIPP industry, NuFlow’s structural liner has the advantage to access a pipe with only one access point with the ability to push the liner into place. With our ability to control the liner by pushing and pulling into place, we have greater flexibility than other methods of CIPP, allowing for exact sections to be renewed.

When looking at epoxy lining of pressurized pipes, our solutions shine with a dynamic resume of projects that still have our epoxy coating in place almost 30 years later. It’s hard to imagine why someone would ever choose to replace the pipes or repipe these buildings or structures when a non-invasive time-tested solution is available.

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Pipe Repair Solutions for Historical Buildings