Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression systems is the last line of defense once a fire breaks out in a building or structure. These piping systems stay dormant, with testing to ensure the system will be operational in an emergency situation. During this testing period issues can arise such as leaks, corrosion or tuberculation, leaving those in charge maintenance these systems with some hard decision about pipe repairs, replacing the pipe or completing repiping the system.

In some cases replacing, repairing or repiping is not an option since some pipes can be located behind or inside concrete and the idea of accessing these pipes to replace or repipe is not feasible.

With NuFlow’s dual technologies for pressurized systems and non-pressurized systems, we have the flexibility to evaluate the system and determine if one or a combination of both options would be best suited.

NuFlow has an extensive resume in completing large pipe lining projects for fire suppression systems all around the globe.

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Pipe Repair Solutions for Fire Suppression