Class A High Rise Buildings

Class A High Rise Buildings can be used for a multitude of functions but constant remains the same, the pipes will eventually corrode, leak or just flat out fail. When that time comes, not only is a repipe and pipe replacement extremely costly but it is a highly destructive process to property.

It’s in these structures where NuFlow has stood ahead of alternatives to build a pipe renewal resume within infrastructure around the globe. NuFlow’s dual technologies allows engineers, property managers and owners to make one phone and have a professional consultation where a plan be developed with one of our experienced NuFlow Account Managers. This call will not only take into account the most cost effective way, but what your true needs are and devise a plan around that. Often, buildings need more than just less disruption and cost savings. They need a plan on how to execute the project with the day-to-day operations of the building taken into consideration. Our team of professional Account Managers and Operational Specialist can assist with developing a plan that is specific for your building, project and scope of work.

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Pipe Repair Solutions for High Rise Buildings