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Pipe Lining

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Why Adhesion is Critical in a CIPP Lining Job?

In the pipe lining industry, the adhesion of the lining material to the host pipe is crucial for the success of the job. If the lining material does not adhere to the pipe, the job is not done right and the existing types of problems we were once trying to fix will continue to occur. [...]

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The Solution to Aging Pipe Infrastructure

Nu Flow Technologies specializes in small-diameter pipe restoration, a market that encompasses both public and private systems. Smaller diameter piping ranges in size from 1/2" to about 10", with larger custom diameters available as requested. The market for pipe repair and rehabilitation is large and growing. Based on U.S. EPA analyses, the public and municipal [...]

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What is the Pipe Lining Process?

Pipe lining is a way to restore the pipe from corrosion, leaks, or cracks from roots. It’s a four step process and essentially is putting a pipe within a pipe. Lining is cost efficient and less disruptive in comparison to replacing the entire pipe. Pipe lining also increases the life span of a piping system, [...]

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