nu-flow-logo-smallerFounded in Canada in 1998, NuFlow’s initial focus was on manufacturing and installing patented and proprietary trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions primarily targeting single-family residences. This technology was developed over a four-year period, after recognizing the need for small diameter lining. After various precursor prototypes, in 2000a new methodology for a “sleeve within a sleeve” lining as patented to deliver a liner with an internal bladder to damaged drain and sewage lines and pipes. pipe-sections-repipeThis process is somewhat similar to a stent being placed in a heart (angioplasty for a building). The second key patent, granted in 2005, protects NuFlow’s presence “inside the building” by providing the ability to line around multiple bends which is very important given the pipe architecture within a building.

In 2001, NuFlow began licensing its technology to third party entities (mainly plumbing companies) growing from 10 licensees in 2001 to 250 by 2008. NuFlow supports the licensees by providing initial and ongoing training, supplying installation equipments and epoxy as well as job support on complex jobs.

In 2006, NuFlow acquired American Pipe Lining, Inc. (APL) and expanded its product lines to include technology for the rehabilitation of potable pipes and mechanical systems through a pressurized air delivery system. APL introduced this technology which developed by the U.S. Navy to repair potable water, fire suppression, and other critical pipe systems, where buildings (or vessels) cannot be readily disassembled. This immediately expanded NuFlow’s capability to include both non-pressurized and pressurized systems.

Today, NuFlow continues to be the leader in the small-diameter market, while others have focused on selling technology to other companies as its only way of growing its footprint. NuFlow has continued to be the choice for contractors while expanding its corporate locations across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and abroad.

With an extensive resume in the department of defense, government, commercial, industrial, mutli-family, healthcare and historical properties, NuFlow has established itself as the industry leader in the epoxy lining.

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